Peering Policy

We operate an open peering policy subject to guidelines below


  • You must have a public ASN and IP Space
  • You must have up-to-date entries in an IRR
  • You must have an up-to-date entry in PeeringDB
  • If your IP Space is not Provider-Independent, you must have authorisation to announce this space under your ASN
  • You must not send AS211638 traffic for prefixes not announced to you by AS211638 via BGP - we will do the same
  • Do Not set static or default routes to AS211638
  • AS211638 expects to peer at all common IXPs

Details can be found at PeeringDB.

Our Peering Points:

We peer at the following locations:

  • KleyReX, Frankfurt, DE
  • LocIX, Frankfurt, DE

We are a Research/Educational Network

Network Information:

  • AS Macro: AS-DNW
  • AS Number: 211638
  • Peering Policy: Open